Write a new page of your story.

French art de vivre

The French art of living brings together different professions, but all of which have in common a thirst for excellence: hotels, gastronomy, the world of luxury, crafts, vineyards and tourism. This project was imagined for them.

Stand out from the crowd.


In a world drowned by images, it is difficult for a brand or a place to differentiate itself. The same visuals are found on many websites or advertisements, a photograph of a hotel room or a product for sale.


Distinguishing yourself through a different communication is essential: by drawing from the roots of your history, those of the place you wanted to create, the object you have shaped, or the territories you want to promote, my job is to create an original and elegant content.


Atmosphere creator


Inspired by the work of Edward Hopper and Wes Anderson, my approach is to stage the places and objects that I photograph, instilling an elegant and intriguing atmosphere. It takes the form of a photogram: the smallest shooting unit in the cinema, the photogram reflects my taste for cinema and represents a snapshot of the film of your history.

By combining intriguing and timeless images, and short stories that tell what you don't see, I establish a bond with your customers. The intriguing images arouse their curiosity and refer to their own imagination.

So your communication goes off the beaten track and allows you to tell your story and create memories.


The look of an architect


My job as an architect has taught me to know how to look at a place and arrange objects, in order to arouse curiosity.

It also gave me a certain sense of framing.


The art of playing with words

A picture is worth a thousand words, but not always! Inspired by the poetry of Sempé and Saul Steinberg, imagined as advertising slogans, the captions of the photos give another meaning to my work, playing on an offbeat or poetic tone.

Paper is back!

 Life is not just digital! even if my images are available in media for your website or social networks, they are primarily intended to be presented in a beautiful setting: a book, a painting.

A book creates memories that your customers can make their own, a painting helps decorate the place and tells a story, your story.