French art de vivre actors need to stand out from the crowd.


The French art of living brings together different professions, but all of which have in common a thirst for excellence: hotels, gastronomy, the world of luxury, crafts, vineyards and tourism. This project was imagined for them.


In a world drowned by images, it is difficult for a brand or a place to differentiate itself. The same visuals are found on many websites or advertisements, a photograph of a hotel room or a product for sale.


Distinguishing yourself through a different communication is essential: by drawing from the roots of your history, those of the place you wanted to create, the object you have shaped, or the territories you want to promote, my job consists in creating an original and timeless content, by staging the places and objects photographed in an elegant and intriguing atmosphere. 

Beautiful places deserve timeless pictures.


The look of an architect


My job as an architect has taught me to know how to look at a place and arrange objects, in order to arouse curiosity. It also gave me a certain sense of framing.


Atmosphere creator


Architecture and decoration photography is very standardized, my approach is different: I offer intriguing images, which arouse the curiosity of the visitor and refer to their own imagination. Your customers who discover these images can project themselves into the place photographed through their memories and their own feelings.


You will be able to communicate in an original and different way. 

Let's write together a new page of your story.


Each project has its own story and it is a story that I want to put into images.


From the history of the place come the images, but sometimes the pictures taken form a story that we discover once the project is finished.



Any project that is submitted to me is the subject of a reflection on the place, its history or its design. This story accompanies the photographic work and can be the starting point for a broader mission of enhancement.